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A.B.S. of Jacksonville Will Preparation Services

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Will Services: Information.
1. Why should you have a Will?
A Will basically tells the courts how you want your property distributed after your death. If you have minor children, it will appoint a guardian for your minor children and establish a trust for them. A Will also designates who you want to be your Executor and waives the necessity for that person to post a bond.

2. What happens if I die without a Will?
If a legal Will can't be located when you die, you will die "intestate" and your belongings will be divided up based on the "intestate succession" laws of your state. This may or may not distribute your belongings as you desire.

3. What a Will cannot do.
A Will does not avoid probate, all Wills must be probated. A Will does not affect such things as life insurance policies or retirement accounts. The beneficiaries of these will be as designated on the policies. A Will does not affect joint property, nor can you disinherit a spouse. Not everyone can be completely disinherited, we can include language to try and minimize their share and let the courts know your wishes; but a surviving spouse or surviving children may be entitled to a forced share, you should consult a lawyer regarding this.

4. What not to include in a Will.
You should not include burial or funeral instructions in your Will, nor should you make anatomical donations in your Will. This should be done on your driverís license.

5. Basic terminology:

Executor: The person whom you designate to distribute your belongings as designated in your Will, and to pay any applicable taxes and debts. You should name alternate representatives in case your first choice does not survive you. Your representative must either be a relative or a Florida Resident.

Specific Bequests: If you wish to leave specified dollar amounts or specified property to any person or charity.

Guardian: The person whom you wish to raise your minor children. Name alternates in case this person doesn't want to assume this responsibility.

Trustee: If you have minor children, your Will sets up a trust fund for your children until they become adults. You need to name a person who will take care of this trust fund and administer your children's finances.

6. What do I do after I sign my Will?
You need to keep your Will in a safe secured place that your Executor has access to. If you put it in a safe deposit box, check with your bank to make certain that your Executor will have access to it. The Courts do not record Wills in this county, so it is your responsibility to keep it in a safe place.

Please contact an attorney for any specific legal questions regarding your will or wills in general.

Will: A will tells the courts how you estate should be divided between your heirs after you die. It must go through probate court.
Fee: individual $75.00 married couple $125.00
Form: Will Information Sheet

Living Will: A living will indicates to your medical care provider how long and what type of life-sustaining treatment you want if you become brain-dead.
Fee: $50.00
Form: Living Will Information Sheet
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