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A.B.S. of Jacksonville Paternity Services

Use this information about our Paternity Services.

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Paternity: In order to establish who the birth mother and birth father are, a Paternity action is filed. A paternity case will establish child support, insurance for the minor child, who will claim the minor child on their federal income taxes, and how the time with the minor child will be spent. The Parenting Plant will set up who will have the majority of the time with the child, visitation, transportation and holidays. A Parenting Plan will ensure equal amounts of time with the minor child or children.

We will do all the paperwork necessary for the Paternity Case. Our information form is attached, along with a Parenting Plan. The Court will also need a copy of the birth certificate.

Please fill out the information sheet along with the Parenting Plan to ensure your wishes are known.

Our fee to prepare the paperwork, parenting plan, final judgments, financial affidavits, notaries, Child support worksheets, etc. is $225. We only need $150 down to get started.

The Court fee varies by county. The Court fee for Paternity in Duval and Clay counties is $301.

The other party, if they are not agreeable and will not sign, may have to be served. We will Call the county where they reside to get their service fee.
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